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Paris's Neglected Spaces Reimagined in Design Competition

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The city of Paris offers a sense of both timeless charm and continued reinvention, the later of which seems to have become a motto for current mayor Anne Hidalgo. After a call for a "philosophical" park redesign on the banks of the Seine, one of Hidalgo's other ambitious efforts to rethink the city's landscape, the Reinventing Paris contest, has sparked an international dialogue about repurposing abandoned urban spaces. The speculative contest asked designers and architects to reimagine 23 underutilized sites spread across the city, such as vacant lots, old mansions and abandoned public baths, and put forth proposals for redevelopment. The city won't fund the projects, but will sell the land to whichever concepts best support and advance a more sustainable, connected vision for Paris. Currently, the 23 winning proposals are on display as part of a multimedia display at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal through May 8. Here are a few of the more intriguing ideas that made the cut, and may be moving forward later this year.

Paris Mayor's New Plan for a "Philosophical" Park on the Seine [Curbed]