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Clever Structure Combines Home and Office in Bangkok

The rise of the Internet has led to more telecommuters (and fewer true snow days) than ever before, and elaborate home offices have sprouted up with abandon in residences across the U.S. and globally. Convenience is a huge factor here; working from home provides time for workers to escape the bustle and distraction of an office and retreat, for better or worse, to a quieter, domestic space for getting serious work done.

In Bangkok, Thailand, architecture studio Integrated Field took the idea of the home office a step further with HOF (which stands for "Home and Office") an airy, light-filled four-story structure, which accommodates an office on the ground level and an open-plan, two-level, two-bedroom apartment above.

In the apartment, double-height spaces mean lots of sunlight, and custom-built open-cubicle storage along the walls keeps the floor plan free of clutter. It's all capped off by a gabled roof.

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