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Would You Live Inside This Giant Cake?

Before you answer the pressing question of whether or not you would live inside of this giant cake (and we suspect you are leaning towards "yes" right off the bat) there are a few things to consider. For one, the cake is not one cohesive cake, but rather a six-room installation of cake sculptures. But then again, the total square footage is 7,000 square feet, which is plenty more space than you would expect to find inside a cake. Also, it's an art installation created by Scott Hove and Baker's Son, who decorated it with "things like switchblades, wolf jaws, and leopard jaws" to "contrast that bougie cake look." Okay, that should be enough info for you to make your decision. (There's no right answer—we all have to decide whether or not living inside a giant cake decorated with switchblades is right for us.)

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