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Lego Fan Proposes a Monument Valley-Themed Set

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It's a potential match made in architecture-geek heaven. A fan of the wildly popular Monument Valley has submitted a proposal to create a Lego set based off the video game's architecturally inspired levels. As spotted by PSFK, a user by the name of Isometry submitted the concept to the toy company's Lego Ideas site. The proposal includes four levels featuring rotating walkways, staircases, bridges, and water wheels, along with figures representing the three main characters (Ida, Totem, and Crow) and stickers to apply to the finished models to add depth. If the proposal gets 10,000 signatures of support, it moves on to the Lego Review Board for consideration (it's rapidly on its way, with more than 2,500 signatures). The proposal also appears to follow the letter of the (Lego) law, minus potential licensing and intellectual property issues.

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