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Architects Revamp Stone Wine Cellar Into Modern Family Home

Residential conversions come in all shapes and sizes. Grain silos and sewer pipes (really) can make surprisingly cozy homes with avant-garde style built right in. In Galicia, Spain, Barcelona-based studio Cubus Arquitectura transformed a stone wine cellar and an adjacent, two-story structure for hay storage into a contemporary, three-bedroom residence, complete with the whitewashed interiors and clean-lined, custom-built cabinetry we've all come to expect in such homes.

Two of the residence's three bedrooms occupy the converted hay storage building while the third sits in the converted cellar. To help naturally illuminate the structure without sacrificing privacy, the architects devised a novel solution: They designed the house, which has few windows (and none on its street-facing facade) with two large skylights and broad sliding glass doors on the rear facade. Take a look.

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