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Eccentric, Bubble-Shaped French Villa Reopens With Technicolor Restoration

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We were entranced by the organic forms of Antti Lovag's famous bubblegum-pink home for Pierre Cardin, an eccentric estate on the Côte d'Azur resembling an octopus sunning itself the beachfront, when it went on sale last fall. But now, another home by the unorthodox Hungarian architect, who preached "habitology" and a focus on natural forms, is open to the public, according to Wallpaper. Maison Bernard, his lesser-known first home from 1971, was recently spruced up by Odile Decq, who maintained the bubble like forms Lovag is famous for (created with a steel rod and sprayed concrete) while upping the color contrast to highlight hues reminiscent of the south of France. The restored home, first built for an industrialist and his family, offers a radical rejection of modernism's straight lines, and is available for tours on select Tuesdays.

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