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Mirrors as Decor: Small-Space Magic Trick or Tacky Gimmick?

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It's *definitely* possible to go overboard

A common small-space decorating tip is to put up a mirror or two, or three, or maybe even a whole wall of it. Makes sense, right? Mirrors can make the space seem twice as large and help reflect more light into the room especially when there's a dearth of window. It's a trick that design professionals employ, too, such as the hallway mirror wall seen in the compact Shanghai apartment in the first photo below.)

But the thing about mirrors as decor is that it's definitely possible (and apparently very easy) to go overboard. Indeed, there is such a point where adding more and more mirrored components will not make a room look any bigger or brighter, but will make it seem like the mirror maze in an amusement park funhouse.

Opinions were flying during recent chatter about this in the Curbed office. "The only reason to have an entire wall be a mirror is if it's dance or yoga studio," one editor said. Others proclaimed joked (?) the mirror-crazed residences are "idea homes for narcissists" or "perfect for a motivational speaker."

Needless to say there are more-successful and less-successful ways to do decorate with mirrors, but at least judging by the above sampling of examples from listings around the Curbediverse, it's pretty easy to go off the deep end with it. Where do you think the line should be drawn? Let us know in the poll and comment section below.

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