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Tiny Paris Pad, Just 254 Square Feet, Fits all the Essentials

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Well this is novel: This studio apartment occupies former stables associated with a 17th-century townhouse in Paris. Measuring a mere 24 square meters (that's about 254 square feet), describing the pad as "cozy" is putting it generously. Local studio Anne Rolland Architecte undertook the herculean task of renovating the space after 70 years of abandonment had left it in rough shape, according to ArchDaily.

To help create a truly livable space, despite the apartment's size, Anne Rolland Studio partitioned the space to accommodate discrete functions—including a kitchen, bathroom, slightly lofted sleeping area, workspace, and more. Custom storage helps keep everything in its place, too, including cabinetry, shelves, and drawers.

In the course of renovation, the architects discovered a 10-square-meter (107-square-feet) former slurry pit which was once used, unglamorously, for animal waste. No word on what the room's current use is exactly, but the architects renovated it, too, and capped it with a mechanic trap door.

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