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Restored Rural Retreat Blends Sublime Landscape, Mod Flair

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Perched on a plateau among rolling hills in South Africa's Western Cape province, this newly revamped modern retreat belongs to entrepreneur and avid design and art collector Julian Treger. Accordingly, the house, restored and expanded by Christiaan van Aswegen of Cape Town-based firm AGH Architecture, is a splendid reflection of Treger's taste. Looking to combine American, European, and South African influences, Treger apparently envisioned the home to be a blend between the style of Le Corbusier and Ralph Lauren's Colorado ranch. Evidently, this house of minimalist white cubes skewed more modernist.

As Vogue Australia details, compared to the exteriors, the interiors of the home reveal a warmer, more textured look, with an art and furniture collection that includes a sofa by Le Corbusier's cousin Pierre Jeanneret, chairs by Harry Bertoia, vintage lamps by Harry Balmer, and a landscape painting by artist Erik Laubscher (evoking the home's true surroundings, no less.) Take the full tour here.

House tour: a modernist ranch with to-die-for views [Vogue Australia]