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Boxlike Modern House Built to Counter Sprawl in Melbourne

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In the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, local firm Austin Maynard Architects designed this boxy steel-frame residence simply named "That House." The modestly sized residence, clocking in at about 2,744 square feet (255 square meters), was built in direct response to the rise in giant dwellings making their mark across a growing Melbourne that's embracing urban sprawl over density.

The cube-like volumes that comprise the two-story house accommodate interiors that can be partitioned for greater privacy, or left open to create spacious areas for entertaining and relaxing, but don't confuse this for the standard "open-plan" interior, of which they are not a fan, the architects told Designboom. Instead, it's all about flexibility: having the ability to configure spaces for the activities at hand.

A pool and garden in the backyard provide outdoor spaces for repose, too.

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