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Custom Tiny Houses Come With Deck, Skylight, Sleek Style

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About a year ago, Portland, OR-based company Heirloom Tiny Homes popped onto the scene aiming to be the first manufacturer of "luxury, custom tiny homes." The first home they showcased was indeed impressive, but, as to be expected from early promo material, had a spruced-up, photoshoot-ready look to it. Now, thanks to Tiny House Swoon, which just covered a few recent Heirloom Tiny Homes commissions, we can peek inside a few of the upstart's real, living-breathing custom tiny houses.

The first, a sleek, geometric dwelling with its own roof deck, features a shiny silver backsplash, white interior paneling and kitchen cabinets, and a lofted bed under a skylight. The second design comes with a deck off the fold-up door, blue cabinetry, and clerestory-esque windows. Exact pricing information was not provided, but Heirloom Tiny Homes' base model packages start at $79,000.

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