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Zany Beach Pavilions Encourage Outdoor Fun in Wintry Toronto

Well this is interesting: In the blustery winter temperatures at beaches along Lake Ontario, in Toronto, architect-designed pavilions are popping up to encourage folks to go outside. Though it may be a serious change of pace for people who are used to holing up inside when the weather turns cold, the Winter Stations installations are constructed around existing lifeguard stations.

The four main pavilions include a spherical, wood-clad sauna, a clubhouse made of dangling ropes, and a variety of other, whimsical follies that provide viewing platforms, shelter, and new perspectives on the beach in the off season. Perhaps the most impressive in the series is "In the Belly of the Bear," that spherical sauna, which is clad in charred timber and accessed via a stepladder that leads to a fur-lined interior.

In addition to the central pavilions in the program, there are three student-designed pavilions and a "fire pit with a charred cedar windbreak" by architect Douglas Cardinal, reports Dezeen.

For a full look at all the pavilions, head over to Dezeen.

Winter follies open along the frozen beaches of Canada's Lake Ontario [Dezeen]