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Dreamy Beach House Opens Rights Up to Ocean Breezes

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This blustery, wintry northeastern U.S. weather has us pining for the beach. So when we came across this one-bedroom beach house in Australia, we immediately started dreaming of an escape. Constructed on an island in Far North Queensland—and designed by Aussie firm Renato D'Ettorre Architects—the 1,100-square-foot pad makes space for a kitchen, a bedroom (complete with canopy bed) and bathroom, and an open-plan living/dining room that opens right up the beach. It's a total dream.

A pitched roof helps keep things cool passively, drawing warm air up and out. It's all pretty low tech, despite pretty much representing the height of luxury. Interior finishes are simple, but pack a punch, with whitewashed walls and floors and a white ceiling offset by dark-wood walls and cabinetry.

The whole house can be closed up when not in use or during (rare) inclement weather and looks a bit like a simple wooden box in this state.

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