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Aussie House Embraces Outdoors With Airy New Annex

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To make a thoroughly modern home with easy access to a backyard garden, the homeowners, in the city of Hawthorn, asked Aussie architecture firm MO-DO (that's Michael Ong Design Office) for an addition to their double-fronted cottage. MO-DO's solution was to remove a freestanding structure at the rear of the house and create a new volume connected to the existing house via a tunnel-like hallway that gives the residence, Tunnel House, its apt name.

Rather than de-emphasize the newness of the addition by creating a seamless connector, say the architects, they decided to heighten the "distinction between old and new" by creating a structure that, while sensitive to the scale of the original house, doesn't try and mimic its form outright. Instead, they created an angular, modern annex that lets in natural light through broad sliding doors and windows.

The structure's unique, vaulted roof, which appears to float above the extension, provides passive cooling in the summer months and helps circulate warm air in the winter.

And that garden the clients wanted easy access to? It got a fresh new vibe, too, with new seating, and a greater sense of connection to indoor spaces.

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