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Here Are Some Alternate Ways You Can Vandalize San Fran's Super Bowl Statues

There are a bunch of Super Bowl 50 statues placed around San Francisco ahead of the big game this Sunday, and someone during the design processes made the fairly egregious mistake of making those statues with movable letters—hence the words "Super Bowl" have since been turned into "Sup Bro," "Superb Owl," "Oops," "Lee Robs" (likely a criticism of the mayor), and, of course, "Up R Bowel." Since we get the feeling that the people of San Fran may be running out of ideas at this point, here are some more options just in case there are any statues left to be vandalized.

· Elbow Spur
· Slow Peru
· Brow Pulse
· Bus Plow
· Low Pubes
· Bowlers Up
· Blow Purse

All of these are pretty open to interpretation, so if any of them speak to you, go for it.
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