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Picture-Perfect 1953 House in New England Includes Pool for $1.4M

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Featuring original cork floors, built-in storage, kitchen cabinets, and more

Location: Litchfield, Connecticut

Price: $1,400,000

In Litchfield, Connecticut, about an hour drive away from New Canaan, CT, a Midcentury Modern mecca of the Northeast, a pristine 1953 house designed by late American architect Edward Larrabee Barnes has hopped on the market for $1.4M. A prime example of Barnes' "Platform Houses," which gave the structure an elevated placement much like Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House, the 3,652-square-foot home has been maintained in remarkable shape--the only major change being a conversion of the fifth bedroom into an expanded master bath and laundry room for the master bedroom.

Inside, original features are overflowing, including the cork floors, ceiling tiles, upper kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, plenty of built-in bookcases and storage, and the white concrete pool on the grounds. Per the listing agent, the slate flooring in the living room has "just been taken up, the radiant heating replaced, and laid back in place." Also of note: the dining table was designed by Barnes specifically for the house. Expansive windows and sliding glass doors all over the home open it up to lush, terraced landscaping, plus views out to more than nine acres of protected farmland.