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Vail in 13 Glorious Throwback Photos

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Take a trip down memory lane

Since it opened in December, 1962 with only one gondola, two chairs, and nine ski runs, Vail has transformed into one of the best-known and largest ski areas in North America. It's also the flagship mountain of one of the world's most successful ski companies, Vail Resorts.

But Vail's plethora of lodging options and astounding number of chairlifts (31 at last count) didn't just happen overnight. It took Vail's founding fathers Pete Seibert and Earl Eaton years to expand the ski resort and town into what it looks like today.

We've rounded up 13 photos of vintage Vail that showcase the ski area in all its early glory. And for an extra treat, head over here to watch a video featuring Vail's theme song from 1968.