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Sleek iPhone Charging Docks Offer New Option for the Design-Minded

They're the latest from electronics accessories company Native Union

The phone-charging stand is the workhorse of the deskscape. Historically, it's not always been the most attractive accessory, but it serves an undeniably indispensable function. Now, electronics accessories company Native Union, which showcased new iPhone cases made, in part, with razor-thin slabs of marble at last year's New York Design Week, has unveiled wood-and-brushed metal phone-charging stands.

The limited edition colors now on offer include a deep blue stand with a gold-hued aluminum back, black with a slate-gray aluminum back, and a stone-colored stand with an all-the-rage rose-gold back (also aluminum). The new collection joins Native Union hefty catalogue of minimal charging stands and other accessories for Apple products, including power devices for Apple Watches, handsets, speakers, and more.

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