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Sexy Converted Warehouse Apartment in London Goes Heavy Metal

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A dramatic steel cube hides a bathroom and a vast film and book collection.

For a theatre and film director couple in London, local design outfit APA whipped up what may be the sexiest warehouse conversion yet. Located in the city's hip Clerkenwell neighborhood (it hosts its own design week!) the flat comes with huge industrial windows, a previously obscured feature that now takes center stage in the largely open-plan space.

At the center of the renovation is a dramatic raw steel module that packs multiple functions into one, an idea also employed in a bunch of recent projects. The cube hides a bathroom, laundry facility, and an impressive film and book collection that can be peeped through mesh screens and various openings. The Japanese shoji screens enclosing the bedroom were designed after window panels and further add to a sense of cozy-cool permeability. Head to Dezeen for the full story and gallery.