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Sun Valley Stunner With Indoor Basketball Court Asks $15.9M

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It even comes with a pool

A $15,950,000 price tag may not be cheap, but this listing in Sun Valley, Idaho is a unique value despite its multi-million price tag. Considering that ski country real estate can run into the tens of millions (like this $100 million compound for sale in Aspen), in Sun Valley your money goes a long way.

The Lucky 7 Ranch, for example, sits on 13 prime acres south of Ketchum and boasts three separate residences (a main house, guest house, and caretakers apartment) totaling 11 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. Upscale finishes and over-the-top luxuries (think electronically controlled dog door) make the mansion alluring, but it's the extra amenities that set it apart.

A tennis court, saltwater pool, outdoor living room, heated walkways, and enclosed garden make Lucky 7 a rare buy. Throw in the red barn, which is actually an indoor basketball court, and you've got a combination of amenities that's hard to find in ski country. See the full photo tour, below.