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This Field of Decaying President Heads Is Like Mount Rushmore, But Better

Or, if not better, at least a whole lot creepier

Just going by the numbers, Presidents Park in Williamsburg, Viriginia, an abandoned tourist attraction that consists of a whole bunch of U.S. president heads sitting in a field, is 10.75 times better than Mount Rushmore because it has 43 presidents to Rushmore's four. Sure, those heads are smaller and less durable—in fact, most of them are currently in a state of decay, but that only serves to make them a) creepier, and b) some kind of thought provoking metaphor for something having to do with Donald Trump. We're not sure exactly what, but the great thing about metaphors is that everybody can come up with his or her own.

How 43 Giant, Crumbling Presidential Heads Ended Up in a Virginia Field [Smithsonian, via Inhabitat]