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Oscar Movie Decor Reviews: The Martian

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Which Oscar movie character has the nicest place?

Welcome to Oscar Decor Reviews, where we take a look at the most important question that has arisen this awards season: which character in an Oscar-nominated movie had the nicest place? First up, The Martian.

The Martian is a movie about an astronaut, Mark Watney, who is stranded on Mars and forced to DIY his entire apartment, with mixed results. Although the apartment that he is left with is filled with all kinds of cool home tech, Watney rightly determines that it is visually uninspiring and spends the next year embarking on a series of daring renovations. Once it occurs to him that he could have houseplants, however, things begin to go south.

Watney is undone by his desire to spruce up his living space with greenery, which is nearly impossible to grow on Mars. Driven to madness, he shakes his fist at the sky several times while yelling, "A house is not a home if there are no plants!" Then he rehydrates his own fecal matter, mixes it with Martian soil, and layers the entire apartment with it. It's not a good look. He does manage to grow some potatoes, though, so it's not all for naught.

Eventually, the film reaches it's climax when Watney decides to remove the apartment's door and replace it with a circular, floor-to-ceiling window of his own design. It is only then that he decides that his renovation project is complete, and he decides to return to Earth.

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