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This Floating Yacht Is Perfect If You've Decided to Kill James Bond

If you don't plan to control all of the world's intelligence agencies, you probably don't need a pyramidal yacht

Designer Jonathan Schwinge created the concept for this superyacht, which you could theoretically eventually buy if you're just a regular wealthy person, but is probably only really worth it if you have hatched some sort of dastardly plot to control all of the world's iPhone chargers (or whatever James Bond villains are interested in these days). The boat's three hydrofoil hulls that would lift it out of the water when it reached a certain speed would, in addition to making it look cool as hell, allow it to travel at faster speeds and provide a smoother ride during stormy conditions—great news if you are consistently holding a glass of expensive alcohol, which we assume you if you own this yacht.

Schwinge unveils futuristic pyramid-shaped Tetra superyacht concept [Dezeen]