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Updated 1959 Danish Villa Offers Sleek Style, Waterfront Views for $9.6M

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The tech-savvy residence features electronically controlled heating, lighting, and more

Location: Vedbaek, Denmark

Price: $9,564,732

Bringing a bit of California modernism to a coastal suburb north of Copenhagen, this 1959-built villa seems to have it all: clean lines, panoramic glass walls, sea views, and tech savvy (temperature, windows, and lighting in the house can all be controlled electronically.) First spotted by Wowhaus, the house has gone through a total renovation and expansion, with the total living space now clocking in at 6,500 square feet spread across one floor.

The roughly C-shaped plan offers the best views to the master bedroom, kitchen, and living room, which directly face the water, while a sequence of bedrooms, bathrooms, and study areas take up the other two wings. The property comes four terraces, another pool for actual swimming (it's heated), a guest cottage, and a stretch of private beach.