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This Mexican Dr. Seuss House Features a 20-Foot Guillotine, as a Joke

We're not sure we get the guillotine joke, but the house is worth checking out

This Dr. Seuss-esque house in Guanajuato, Mexico was design by Steven Rude, who professionally does 3D special effects for movies. He describes his projects as "pure fantasy," adding that "later into the project, you can figure out the practical stuff ." The Casa Dr. Seuss (available for $99/night on Airbnb, by the way), for instance, includes such fantasies as curving, multicolored furniture, a jacuzzi cavern, and, of course, a 20-foot guillotine, which, according to design boom, "was placed in the front façade, in order to scare the bandidos and also to make laugh the passersby." Sure.

steven rude builds crazy and curvy houses for those who love fantasy in mexico [design boom]