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Gorgeous Photography Shines Spotlight on Iranian Architecture

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A look at Iran's kaleidoscopic mosque ceilings

Well this is a delight: Instagrammer Mehrdad's photographs capture the tessellated, crenelated, highly ornamented ceilings common in traditional Iranian religious architecture. In mosques from Isfahan (about five hours south of the capital city of Tehran by car) to Qom (just outside the capital), the kaleidoscopic array of tiled, painted, and otherwise ornately festooned ceilings is, frankly, breathtaking.

Mehrdad's profile is simple, and doesn't make mention of a specific mission. But at a time when U.S.-Iran relations are under fervent international political discussion, the images capture the rich cultural legacy of the Persian nation and its contributions to the arts and sciences.

Take a closer look over at Designboom.

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