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5 stormproof prefab homes you can order right now

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Stylish and strong

Domespace, a rotating prefab home
Domespace, a rotating prefab home
Photo via Douglas Elliman

Prefab houses, which tend to involve a faster and more efficient construction process, offer a promising alternative to traditional stick-built homes. When we highlighted some of the coolest and most affordable prefab dwellings available for purchase, quite a few readers inquired about particularly sturdy options that would be suitable for hurricane-prone regions. Well, the homes in this roundup range in aesthetic style, but they've all been designed to withstand strong winds and, in a few cases, Category 5 hurricanes.

Name: Zen 560, a prefab bamboo home by Bamboo Living (gallery above is of a larger model)

Size: 560 square feet (1 bedroom, 1 bath, plus a 160-square-foot porch)—additional Bamboo Living models available range from a 100-square-foot single-room dwelling to a 2,745-square-foot four-bedroom residence

Cost: $36,400 to $54,800 (package only; does not include site work, shipping, finish construction, and other associated fees)

Stormproof cred: Surpasses international hurricane code requirements, including those of Florida's Miami-Dade County; Bamboo Living homes have survived 173 mph winds (Category 5 hurricane) with cosmetic damage only

Name: 99-2b, a transportable modular home by Cubicco

Size: 1,025 square feet (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, optional covered porch)

Cost: starting at $160,300 assembled

Stormproof cred: Designed to meet the 180 mph (Category 5 hurricane) High Velocity Hurricane Zone Florida Building Code

Name: Domespace, a rotating prefab home designed by Patrick Marsilli, distributed by Solaleya (the example shown above is currently for sale)

Size: 2,443 square feet (29.5-foot radius; flexible plan)

Cost: €217,000 (~$238,960)—average turnkey prices start at $150/sq.ft.

Stormproof cred: Proven to withstand winds up to 150 mph (Category 4 hurricane) without damage

Name: Classic Deltec, a round prefab home by Deltec

Size: 2,075 square feet (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms)

Cost: $290,000 to $395,000 (turnkey range)

Stormproof cred: None of the over 5,000 homes built in the company's 48-year history have been lost to or majorly damaged by hurricanes or high winds—Deltec homes have been tested against Hurricanes Hugo, Sandy, Katrina, Ivan, Andrew and Charley.

Name: Cocoon by Autonomous Tent (design by architect Harry Gesner)

Size: 700 square feet (includes bathroom with shower and composting toilet; stove can be installed)

Cost: $100,000 finished

Stormproof cred: Steel and aluminum tube frames and fabric covering have been engineered to withstand winds of up to 90 mph (Category 1 hurricane) and snow loads of up to 30 psf (about 18 inches of accumulated snow)