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This Modern Cabin is Perfect for Human-Powered Recreation

The Methow Cabin blends cedar and steel in an open, communal space

Next to a network of cross country skiing trails on the valley floor of Winthrop, Washington, sits the modern Methow Cabin — tailor made for those seeking human-powered recreation. The structure sleeps six to eight people with communal spaces for dining and living in a shotgun configuration that opens at both ends to look up and down the valley.

The foundation, a single 8-foot pour, reaches down below the frost line but raises the wooden edifice above snowdrifts. Cedar siding wraps from the exterior into the living spaces inside to create a consistent environment. The steel details inside the cabin were designed for simplicity and made by local agricultural welders.

Whether filled with cross country skiers in the winter or mountain bikers in the summer, this cabin is a handsome stop to rest.