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Cool Rustic Tiny House Combines Chalkboard Wall and Murphy Bed

So many decor trends packed in 245 square feet

The impressive tiny house of the day hails from rural Hamilton, Montana, where it sits along a creek with great fishing opportunities. Recreational amenities aside, the 245-square-foot dwelling has a lot going for itself as well. A quick look around reveals that this micro home is well-versed in current decor trends: there's reclaimed wood, a cowhide rug, antler, chalkboard wall—which, oh wait, is actually a full-size Murphy bed! (It also looks like the dining table folds right into the belly of the bed.)

The home, which has a kitchen equipped with a fridge and convection oven, is a great example of a tiny house hyper-customized to a specific style. If that style is your style, you could get a taste of it for $104 a night, or, help yourself to Curbed's Ultimate Guide to Styling a Hip, Rustic Tiny Home. Take a closer look, below.