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Lavish Gatsby-Era Mansion in Dallas Asks $10M

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The 14,000-square-foot home features a gorgeous loggia

Location: Dallas, Texas

Price: $9,989,000

In early 20th-century Dallas, Austin-born architect Hal Thomson designed many extravagant homes spanning a variety of styles, including Tudor, Georgian, Neoclassical, and, as seen in this newly listed mansion, Mediterranean. Built in 1923, the originally 9,000-square-foot mansion became an even bigger one (roughly 14,000 square feet) in a meticulous renovation in the mid-2000's. The owners updated the place with blueprints in hand, taking care to restore, for example, the hand-case period tiles, leaded glass windows, and hand-carved wood doors in the gorgeous Italianate loggia.

The home includes six bedrooms, which also indulge in antique touches like ornate doors, fireplaces, and vaulted wood-beam ceilings. As part of the renovation, a walk-in wine grotto and dining room were added underground, while a pool added above ground. Another highlight is the sunken patio courtyard with a hearth flanked by ivy walls.