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Micro Housing for Students? One Canadian University is Trying It

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When the units roll out, they'll start at $675/month

With micro housing being rolled out across the U.S.—in New York, San Francisco, Portland, and more—and abroad, it was only a matter of time before the concept found its footing on university campuses. Case in point: this prototype for student housing at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Aptly named Nano Studio, the micro apartments clock in at just 140 square feet, include multi-use, transforming furniture (like a murphy bed that becomes a desk), and a compact bathroom (with glassed-in shower stall), and kitchen. There are 70 such micro units in just one of the dormitory buildings on the UBC Vancouver campus and they're set to begin renting in 2019 at between $675 and $695 per month, according to the school's website.

High-speed Internet service and "access to [the dormitory's] games room, meeting rooms, music practice rooms, study lounges, and fitness center" are included.

Watch the university's plucky video, below, to learn more.

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