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Succulents as Decor: Love 'Em or Hate 'Em?

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The adorable fleshy plants are super trendy and awfully overexposed

It's hard to say anything bad about succulents—after all, the fleshy, water-storing plants are cute and relatively easy to keep alive. But it's definitely getting to be a bit much, as they seem to have been embraced in every part of the house—living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen—not to mention coffee shops and offices. And usually in batches! And when their precious, jaggedy visages have been elevated to artisanal-decorative-pillows-on-Etsy status, it may be time to pause and evaluate this obsession.

Adorable and purpose- and life-giving as they may be, succulents don't have a place everywhere, even if they're intentionally planted in darling tiny pots so that they could be put anywhere—accidentally knocking one down and having to clean up and put back all the gravel is just the worst. And despite their desert-ready DNA, these plants do still need care (especially ample sunlight and excellent draining.) So when they are neglected, they will wither or overgrow, and if you've ever seen it happen, it's an unattractive death. Well, how do you feel about succulents as decor? Is it all it's cracked up to be, as many a dreamy Instagrams seem to suggest?

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