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Architect Facebook Reactions for Your Designy Friends

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"Like" was never enough

Like was never enough, honestly. For years, Facebook has been teasing the aspect of adding a Dislike button to their website, and finally, the social media website has found an even better option.

Posted by Chris Cox on Thursday, October 8, 2015

Say hello to your new options: Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry. To choose these reactions as opposed to Like, all you have to do is either hover over the Like button on desktop or hold down the button on mobile, and then your options are revealed.

Please excuse us for our greed—if that's what it is—but for Curbed, these five new reactions aren't enough. Below, Curbed has provided six additional reactions to better assist Facebook on their journey to providing just the right amount of cute faces for expressing just how one feels for uploaded cat videos or pictures of delicious food.

Perplexed Le Corbusier

Did someone just post something on Facebook that makes no sense at all? It's just—just why did they post that anyway? That's so—that's nonsense. So confused. Now, a pioneer of modern architecture can help you express your turmoil. You're welcome.

Unimpressed Zaha Hadid

Sometimes, people get a little ahead of themselves when it comes to posting self-gratifying Facebook statuses. Rather than comment with, "Uh, come on now," you can instead let Zaha help you out with her oh-so-famous semi-frown.

Blushing Bjarke Ingels

The Love reaction honestly is a little too forward for Curbed's liking. If you want to respond to a handsome or lovely lad or lady's status or photo with a bit of a wink wink and nudge nudge, this Bjarke Ingels blush should get the point across. Let's leave the Love emoji for when it really counts (coughCurbedstatusescough).

Smug David Adjaye

Do you know you're all that and a bag of chips? Obviously. I mean, just look at you. Similarly, David Adjaye is the perfect example of someone who does great things, gets recognized for them, and is aware of all this and more. This isn't arrogance by any means. This is just being able to look in the mirror and think, "Hot damn. Aren't I something?"

Intrigued Frank Lloyd Wright

Did someone just post a fascinating Curbed longread? Let Frank Lloyd Wright help you show just how much you enjoyed it. Thanks as always, Frank.

Angry Frank Gehry

Last, but certainly never least, Frank Gehry. Oh, Gehry, how we love your sass. Be sure not to abuse this Facebook reaction, though. Or do. Either way, Gehry will be proud.