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Apartment in Brutalist London Landmark Gets Glossy Revamp

An architect gives his pad in the '70s-built Barbican complex a much needed refresh

Apartments in London's Brutalist icon, the Barbican Complex, have been in demand as of late, and with new residents come new renovations sprucing up the building's '70s bones. We've seen a recent Barbican revamp that goes for a warm, vintage feel, and an estate office turned wicked-sexy concrete-happy pad. Now, Wallpaper shares another example, which takes a sleek, low-key yet superbly detailed approach.

London-based architect Laurence Quinn has actually lived in his Barbican unit since 2009, but last year, he set out to give the place a much needed refresh. Quinn personally redesigned the unit's cabinetry, kitchen cupboards and drawers, baseboards, and bathrooms, and introduced full-height doors. In the process, he chose materials that "match the originals' feel and tone," including oak, grey terazzo, white lacquered MDF, wool and cashmere carpet, and Grey Italian Limestone. Find the full story and gallery on Wallpaper.