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Groovy 1947 SoCal House Includes Vintage Kitchen For $1M

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Plus a dining booth and original tiled bathroom

Location: Pasadena, California

Price: $1,050,000

The throwback vibe is strong in this 1947-built house, designed by architect Robert Greve as his own residence. Though the home only has two bedrooms, it still clocks in 2,311 square feet, which means there's a whole lot of something else! Once past the bright red door with chevron detailing, you'll find updated living and dining rooms, with a separate den to the side, all with polished walls and large metal-framed windows. The kitchen is delightfully vintage with creamy original cabinets, curvy tiled counters, and a teal dining booth to the side. Also impressively preserved is the bathroom with original pink tiles and black cabinets (a second bathroom is more modern.) There's also a finished family room on the lower level.

Newly on the market for just over $1M, the property is just as meticulously maintained on the outside. In addition to the charming drought-resistant landscaping and brick path surrounding the house, there's also a sunken outdoor dining area with a wood-fired pizza oven.