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5 Wallpaper Trends to Inspire Your Next Home Refresh

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Ideas to consider for sprucing up your walls in 2016

Wallpaper doesn't have to conjure memories of stuffy grandparents' homes or tacky hotels. When done right and with delightful patterns, wallpapers can be modern, zesty, and all in all, serious beauty moments. To help jumpstart any wall covering projects you might be considering this year, we've pulled together five big wallpaper trends for 2016, gleaned from expert analyses and, of course, tons of casual Instagram browsing.

In short, the big trend directions for 2016 are graphic and natural. According to the most recent trend forecast from Zillow Digs, which synthesizes data from a survey of interior design experts and an analysis of popular photos on the home improvement database, "2016 will bring a fresh modern vibe that beautifully mixes simplicity with bold accents reminiscent of the roaring 20’s." This means an influx of geometric patterns and striking colors. Zillow Digs also predicted an increase in natural colors, which can become low-key companions to other statement pieces in a home.

These forecasts are echoed by a trend report from Brooklyn-based hand-screened wallpaper company Flavor Paper, who highlighted "retro geometrics" and "natural surfaces" (such as wood, stone, and brick) as a few of the big ideas this year. And of course, tropical prints, which bring the outside in, and reliably pretty floral designs are going strong as ever. Below, a look at how these trends have been deployed to stellar effect (product info is included where available.)

1. Geometric/Art Deco

A photo posted by Hygge & West (@hyggeandwest) on

Canasta (black) by Laundry Studio, $140/roll, Hygge & West

A photo posted by Katie Deedy (@growhousegrow) on

Texcoco by Grow House Grow, $180/roll, Grow House Grow

Delano by Cole & Son

2. Natural Textures

Brasscloth Obsidian by Calico

A photo posted by @flavorpaper on

Charred Cedar by Flavor Paper, $200/roll, Flavor Paper

A photo posted by PAPERMILLS (@papermills) on

Vales by Paper Mills

3. Outer spacey

Inverted Spaces by Calico

A photo posted by @flavorpaper on

Vortex (wallpaper mural) by Ara Starck x Flavor Paper

Sunset by Bien Fait

4. Florals

5. Tropical/Outdoorsy

A photo posted by Hygge & West (@hyggeandwest) on

Aja (Aubergine), Justina Blakeney x Hygge & West, $190/roll, Hygge & West

The Wild by Bien Fait

A photo posted by Hanna Werning (@hannawerning) on

Mårdgömma by Hanna Wening, ~$72 at Wallstore