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Shigeru Ban Designed This All-Cedar House Inspired by Mies

We bet it smells great

Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is best known for his work transforming cardboard and other cast-off materials into emergency shelter, stunning temporary churches, and more, even incorporating recycled paper into his swooping design for Metz, France's Centre Pompidou. And though his body of work also includes a high-rise residential tower on New York City's far west side, Ban's not known for private residential work.

So, his latest project, a locally sourced-cedar house for clients in Hokuto, Japan, is a bit of a revelation. Designed with the work of German-American architect Mies van der Rohe in mind, the house features a Mies-esque simple, low-slung, single-story form with intersecting planes composing its flat overhanging roof and walls. Inside, open-plan spaces lead from one to the other, and residents and visitors have sweeping views of the surrounding countryside via broad windows and a sliding glass door that leads to a rear terrace.

Though the firm's photographs depict a nearly empty house, it's not difficult to imagine a lively home life here once things are a bit more built out.

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