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Sustainable Modern Barn Mixes New and Reclaimed Materials

A rooftop solar array can supply the residents' annual average power usage

It's always satisfying to see a crumbling structure salvaged to make something new and improved. Such is the case with this dramatic, modern barn in southwest Wisconsin, finished with materials reclaimed from the derelict barn that once stood beside it. Completed by Chicago-based firm Northworks, the airy 4,500-square-foot home get its white oak dining table from the old barn's horse stalls, and the limestone hearth and retaining wall near the pool were also upcycled as well.

The main structure is new and sustainable, featuring steel and timber frames, huge glass walls, Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) insulation, and a rooftop solar array that can supply the residents' annual average power usage. Get the full story and gallery on Dwell.