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Designer Table Offers Efficient Food Prep, Work Surface

Of course it was born in a Paris coworking space

The best modern multipurpose furniture performs a host of functions while looking great, which we know is a feat all its own. This offering, created by French design studio Atelier JMCA, is a multiuse table can be used for dining, food prep, or run-of-the-mill paperwork.

Dubbed "Work & Turn," the CNC (computer numerical control)-milled table takes its name "from its ability to rotate 180 degrees," reports Designboom (which also notes that the piece was manufactured in one of Paris's steadily proliferating coworking spaces, Volumes. This rotational capability provides easy access to either surface on the double-sided table, which features a stainless steel and a wood tabletop, alternately. The table also includes two leaves that increase its length to a total of about 13 feet (4 meters).

Read more over at Designboom.

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