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Renovated 1900s Cabin Boasts Dreamy Views, Rooftop Hideout

Look out to redwoods from every room

The enchanting redwoods of Northern California surround this sublime early 1900s cabin home, which just got a fabulous spotlight over on Design Sponge. Since scooping it up three and a half years ago, nature-loving couple Dawn De La Fuente and Ian Ernzer have set out to inject bright, modern elements into a home that was authentically rustic as it could get. The result is an airy abode donning natural wood, white walls, as well as "relics from world travels, art from dear friends, and treasured vintage finds."

And when it comes to bringing nature in, the profuse, huge windows and skylights in the main living area are just the beginning. The kitchen and bedroom also boast fantastic redwood views, and the "Crow's Nest," an elevated, glass-enclosed hideout that sold the couple on the house, comes with a door leading to the roof. Do check out the full story and gallery on Design Sponge.