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When It Comes to TV Sets, How Big is Too Big?

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Super Bowl 50 is just days away, and American football fans everywhere are gearing up for one of the most-watched television events of the year. And though TV sales have somewhat slowed in recent years—coinciding with the increasing popularity of streaming services like Netflix and HBO Go—big, loud television sets still reign supreme in many homes across the U.S.

Strides in television tech made a huge splash, as usual, at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, which stormed Las Vegas in early January. South Korean tech behemoth Samsung, for example, showcased a 170-inch, ultra-high-definition prototype set. All the options on offer got us thinking: How big is too big, exactly? At what point does a giant set go from television to full-on movie screen?

According to the New York Times, the average size of a TV sold in the U.S. just four years ago was 38 inches, but you could snag a much larger 80-inch model in 2012 for roughly $4,000. To put the size of that thing into context, the New York Times notes that 80 inches is as tall as Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony. But we digress.

We know how readers feel about the trend of putting TVs over fireplaces (let's just say that you don't love it) but we want to hear from you: How big is your TV? Do you plan to upgrade to a larger one any time soon? And is having the biggest possible TV set the key to enjoying Super Bowl? How do you feel about the trend toward ever-larger sets? Vote and sound off in the comments!

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