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Sexy Minimalist Glass-and-Concrete House Rises in Germany

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Amsterdam-based firm Paul De Ruiter Architects designed this long, low-lying modern house—dubbed Villa K—on a sloped site in the German town of Thuringen (about 200 miles southwest of Berlin).

Though it clearly owes a debt to residential designs by Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe, there are some novel aesthetic and structural elements here, too: The 2,699-square-foot (248 square-meter) house's glazed walls appear sandwiched between the thick concrete slabs that comprise the floor and roof plates, and the residence is, unlike its predecessors—Mies's Farnsworth House or Johnson's Glass House—accompanied by an above-ground pool.

The interiors are—you guessed it—open plan, with largely unpartitioned spaces rolling one into the next. Views abound from every corner of the home, which allows easy inside-outside access via sliding glass doors. The house, accessed via a swanky private drive, also includes a garage.

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