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Gorgeous Thai Resort on Stilts Has Us Aching For Summer

Are you ready for summer yet? We are! As such, this rustic new-build resort in Thailand, outside the town of Hua Hin, and designed by Sook Architects, seems very enticing. Though the word "resort" can call to mind all sorts of architectural madness—groundbreaking, kitschy, or otherwise—this one, named Baan Suan Mook, takes a different approach: It takes its stylistic cues from vernacular architecture. The owner, Designboom reports, built the resort to help preserve the pineapple field on which it stands by generating income right on the land, which he inherited.

The resort comprises a steel-frame, multi-unit structure raised on stilts, a smaller private cabana, and swimming pool. The high, pitched roofs on both this cabin-like unit and the comparatively sprawling main residence help passively ventilate interior spaces and protect occupants from heat and rain.

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