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The 15 Most Popular Ski Resorts, as Ranked by Facebook

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Intended as a tool to help page managers better target niche audiences, Facebook's new Audience Optimization feature has also opened up a quantifiable window into the giant popularity contest we call social media. For example, did you know that nearly 158 million people on Facebook have expressed some sort of interest in skiing? That compares to about 145 million Facebook users who have an interest in snowboarding (Sorry, single-plank bros. Keep proselytizing!) Being the traveling snow junkies that we are, the first thing we wanted to see was which ski areas in North America are the most popular. After looking up resorts large and small, Curbed Ski brings you the 15 most popular ski resorts on Facebook.

There were plenty of surprises when putting together this list — from which North American resorts didn't make the cut to those that did. Neither skiable acres nor annual skier visits (just two other ways of judging a resort's heft in the industry) seemed to have a direct correlation to interest levels on Facebook. It could be that Facebook popularity for ski resorts comes down to marketing moxie. If so, kudos to our friends on the list.

When there appeared to be a duplicate Facebook interest, we used the larger figure.

The number of people on Facebook who've expressed an interest in the ski resort: (Note: this is different than how many people like a Facebook page)
1. Whistler Blackcomb: 1,230,370 people
2. Park City: 701,900 people
3. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: 692,160 people
4. Heavenly Mountain: 560,110 people
5. Beaver Creek: 559,730 people
6. Breckenridge: 508,100 people
7. Vail: 488,970 people
8. Mammoth Mountain: 475,570 people
9. Deer Valley: 435,110 people
10. Lake Louise: 422,540 people
11. Snowmass: 349,430 people
12. Sunday River: 313,120 people
13. Sunshine Village: 255,660 people
14. Snowbird: 250,580 people
15. Keystone: 248,900 people

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