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1960s House Gets Gorgeous Revamp by New Architect Owners

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This gorgeous circa-1962 house, named Ansty Plum, in Wiltshire, England, was designed by architect David Levitt and added on to in the '70s by renowned Brutalist architects and urban planners Alison and Peter Smithson. The house is a case study in sensitive, modernizing restorations that retain historic character without creating a museum vibe.

Recently given a revamp by the co-founders of the London firm Coppin Dockray Architects, the residence, which is built into a hillside and features a distinctive Douglas Fir-framed roof, actually seems quite open and airy. Sandra Coppin and her husband purchased the property in 2010, according to Dezeen, and undertook the process of making it suitable for occupation in the cold, damp months of British winters. This involved refinishing surfaces, adding insulation and new glazing, and installing a central HVAC system.

Coppin Dockray's improvements also included adding radiant-floor heating in some areas of the home and remodeling the kitchen entirely, replacing cabinetry and countertops. Take a look.

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