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Weird Kickstarters of the Week: A Chair-Bench; Aluminum Binders; and More

Some Kickstarter campaigns become very successful, like this suitcase that raised over $2 million. But some, unfortunately, do not. Each week, we are committed to bringing you a handful of design-related Kickstarter campaigns that, for whatever reason, haven't really hit yet and could use your help. Campaigns like the Frankfurter Bench, in which a German designer took the popular Frankfurter Stuhl and jammed two of them together into a bench. It still has €20,506 to go out of its €22,500 goal with a little over two days left, so it's not looking great. But it is fun? You bet it's fun.

These guys decided that they really love checker plate aluminum and decided to make a whole bunch of stuff out of it. Nothing wrong with that. It's only at $128 out of a $15,012 total goal, but it does have a whole month to go.

This is a basketball-themed trash can that keeps score when you throw things into it, which actually seems legitimately fun. It only has 9 backers so far, but is somehow more than halfway to its $10,000 goal with 9 days to go, so it has a real shot. It's also called TrashketBall.

The idea of a gold-plating iPhone is case is, to be fair, not particularly weird, but the idea of crowdfunding one is kind of weird. This one is $1,592 of the way to its $14,720 goal with 9 days to go.