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48 Black Interior Designers and Creatives for Black History Month

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Recognizing black photograhers, textile pros, and more across the design industry

Flipping through the kinds of glossy home decor magazines that take up residence in doctors' offices and line the shelves at high-end grocery stores, you would think the world of interior design lacked black interior designers almost entirely.

As today marks the end of the first week of Black History Month, we're taking a moment to recognize black talent across the interior design industry, from the interior designers themselves to the photographers, textile pros, and artisans of all sorts who are contributing their creative wizardry to homes across the U.S. and abroad. This isn't an exhaustive accounting by any means, but instead a first step in the direction of recognizing the broad diversity of talent in the biz.

Here now, in no particular order, 48 creatives you should get to know! And feel free to add on to our list in the comments section.

1. Nicole Gibbons, Interior designer.

2. Christine Joy Llewellyn, Pattern & product designer.

3. Stephen Burks, Product designer.

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4. Keita Turner, Interior designer.

5. Kiya Gibbons, Photographer.

6. Joy Moyler, Interior architect, designer, photographer, painter.

7. Ron Woodson, Interior designer.

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8. Brandy Brown, Interior stylist and graphic artist.

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9. Anishka Clarke and Niya Bascom, Hospitality interior designers.

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10. Hana Getachew, Textile designer.

11. Jeanine Hays and Bryan Mason, Design writers, Ikea brand ambassadörs.

12. D. Bryant Archie, Textile designer.

13. Danielle Colding, Interior designer.

14. Kilee Hughes, Publicist & florist.

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15. Bee Walker, Photographer.

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16. Malene Barnett, Carpet designer.

17. Ike Edeani, Photographer.

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18. Justina Blakeney, Designer, artist, author.

19. Sheila Bridges, Interior designer.

20. Charlotte Cannon, Textile and housewares designer.

21. Tonya Comer, Interior designer.

22. Erin Shakoor, Interior designer.

23. Janice Palmer, Interior designer.

24. Corey Damen Jenkins, Interior designer.

25. Linda Allen, Interior and lighting designer.

26. Marian Akinloye, Interior designer.

27. Kesha Franklin, Interior designer.

28. Andre D. Wagner, Photographer.

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29. Andrea Pippins, Illustrator, design educator.

30. Robin Wilson, Interior designer.

31. Lorna Gross, Interior designer.

32. Joan Goodwin, Interior designer.

33. Tiffany Brooks, Interior designer.

34. Paul Octavious, Photographer.

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35. Rayman Boozer, Interior designer.

36. Rae P. Revelle, Interior designer.

37. Nile Johnson, Interior designer.

38. Tiffany Brooks, Interior designer & HGTV host.

39. Alicia Lamar, Interior designer.

40. Michel Smith Boyd, Interior designer.

41. Lisa Turner, Interior designer.

42. Roderick Shade, Interior designer.

43. Howard Brown, Interior designer.

44. Elaine Griffin, Interior designer.

45. Cecil Hayes, Interior designer.

46. Daryl Carter, Interior designer.

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