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Miley Cyrus Bought a Chill Estate in Malibu for $2.5 Million

Who says millennials can't afford a house in LA? Miley Cyrus, at a ripe old age of 23, has already bought two: a $3.9-million, mid-century in Studio City and a $5-million ranch/vineyard in Hidden Hills. Now, she's adding a 1,384-square-foot, four-bedroom Malibu mansion to her already impressive real estate collection. Cyrus recently plunked down $2.525 million for the two-story 1958 home in Ramirez Canyon, says Trulia. Aside from a pretty awesome Spiderman-themed bathroom, the home is fairly understated, considering its new owner. That's not to say it's totally without some cool features.

Curbed LA has all the photos. >>