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Solar-Powered Rural Retreat Has Two Barns and 'Sauna Tower'

The interesting thing about this upstate New York retreat extends way past its trendy, broodingly dark exteriors. Developed over three and a half years by NYC-based firm BarlisWedlick Architects, the barn-like structure masters whimsical, rustic style: clad in charred cedar, the lofty interior features exposed beams galore, multi-level spaces, and a furniture collection that mixes the client's vintage possessions and warm, clean pieces like a Shaker-style bench by British designer Ilse Crawford.

And then there's the rest of the compound. Connected to this 1,800-square-foot main house, which meets Passive House standards, is a three-story treehouse-esque "sauna tower" (the sauna is at the very bottom.) Farther along on the 75-acre property is a blackened 19th-century barn, a more colorful, raw space intended for entertaining that also boasts a roof full of solar panels. In fact, the compound is already at net zero energy use, but owners plan on adding a second solar array on the roof of the main house. Now that's a guilt-free getaway. Find the whole story and gallery over on Dwell.

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