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Bay Area Houseboat With Rustic Charm Asks $749K

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Location: Alameda, California
Price: $749,000

Think of it as the "everyman" version of the Bay Area waterfront mansion owned by Marshawn Lynch, the newly-retired Seattle Seahawks running back and winner of Curbed's Super Bowl of NFL player real estate. At $749K, the 1,600-square-foot houseboat docked in Barnhill Marina, an East Bay floating home community, is not cheap by any standards, but still seems like a nice deal for the Bay Area, so notoriously expensive that some cost-conscious home buyers have indeed sought out alternative housing on water. Plus, the 1974-built dwelling is as charming as houseboats come, complete with airy living spaces, reclaimed wood interiors, a remodeled kitchen, and roof deck.

According to Realtor, it's pretty rare to see one of these houseboats go on the market (there are 42 in the community.) This particular three-bedroom abode has been owned and regularly upgraded by the same family for the last 15 years.

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